A technology easy to integrate !

Windows, android and many other great made their success by ensuring they were easy to integrate in other's hardware. We used a similar approach ensuring the system is compatible or easy to adapt to as many bicycle and motorcycle as possible.

InerScience's basic implementation of the stability augmentation on typical bicycle.

The Flywheel (100)

is hidden within the front wheel between two side cover (524). This protect the user and the device. The system is normally offered as a fully assembled wheel with disc brake and is installed in less than a minute.

The controller (140)

is installed on the bicycle head tube with the front rack bracket or a u bolt. The controller also need to be connected to the E-bike battery with a quick splicer and to the steerer tube with the pulley replacing the spacer usually there. The overall process take around 10 minutes. 

The stem 

is normally used to transfer the driver's steering torque to the front wheel to steer it. To implement the technology, a special stem is installed to do this and to measure the drivers steering command. There is also a two button interface let the user choose if the flywheel and the power steering are activated. It takes around 2 minute to install. This interface enable the technology to intuitively steer the bicycle while sending position feedback.

We endeavored to streamline the processes for users and manufacturers, culminating in a system that is compatible with a wide range of electric bicycles and can be installed in just 15 minutes. While components may differ across scooter and motorcycle models, our technology is easily adaptable for specific applications. For further insights, please contact us directly.