The stability controller can provide increase Safety and benefits with...

360 Camera

The combination of a wide-angle camera and local data logging, commonly known as a "dash cam," allows for capturing evidence of reckless driving by others and holds them accountable for endangering others by breaking the law. 

Cellular module

Through the utilization of cost-effective plans on the global cellular network, remote communication has been rendered viable. Sending alert when stolen or when accident or when you forget to recharge your battery further improve safety.


Leverage the GPS data to seamlessly implement geo fencing functionality, enabling real-time alerts, remote monitoring, and swift recovery of your stolen bicycle. Enhance safety and confidently park your bike on the street, knowing that it is protected.

Signal Light

Instead of steering one handed in sometime perilous conditions to indicate your trajectory, the signal light to make your intent known while keeping your two hands on the handlebar when desired.


The controller's box is located at the front of the bicycle and is equipped with a strong LED headlight. Improving your ability to see and to be seen is a key safety factor not to be neglected.

Improved Stability

The main task of the controller is to improve stability because it is the main factor limiting the safety of users. Over the air update ensure continuous improvement is possible on the algorithm.

Lock Mode

Having control over the steering, the battery and the propulsion, the cellular module and wireless communication let you control who can ride your bike and who can't without any keys. 

Battery Management

Take control of your battery's well-being and unlock its full potential. Never miss a charge with helpful reminders and gain valuable insights into power consumption to ensure the safety of your battery.

Local Data logging

The black box of bicycle store camera, IMU, GPS and rider's data. It's a basic safety feature for planes and it's benefit for the Crash, theft or simply monitoring rider's performance is possible.

The Features can be customised based on demand for commercial order

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