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Instead of changing the world, facilitating other's transition is more fun and realistic. 

Many already want greener, safer and more effiscient mobility. Technology is there to help others acheiving thier goals.

Cycling all seasons for years in a northern country made it obvious to me. More Stability is required to make mobility on two wheel safe enough for the mass.  

Lets learn from the past

By the late 1800s, cycling had undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from a perilous curiosity to a practical mode of transportation with the introduction of the "Safety Bicycle" around 1880.

This revolutionary bicycle design incorporated a range of innovative features that greatly improved it's safety. The ability to easily start and stop by simply placing a foot on the ground, along with enhanced front wheel geometry for increased stability, and the addition of rubber tires for reliable traction, all played a key role on improving the stability. This had a profound impact on the masses. The emphasis on safety played a pivotal role in the widespread success of these stability enhancements.

Without addressing the safety problem from the old penny farting bicycle limited stability, modern cycling would not exist.


is now officially lunched, after 20 years of R&D, 15 prototypes, patents filed and real life testing.

The idea behind this company is to accelerate the transition toward sustainable mobility by combining the best of old and new technologies, from the smart people of the past and now. The security is at the center of ideas to combine. The security for the environment, from our mistakes or the one of others on the road, from the road and meteorologic conditions and from thieving.

The premise is that we already have all the technology it takes to solve the mobility problem with more safety and more efficiency. At the center of this, the use of mechanical gyroscope as an improved way to augment the stability. 

The goal is to combine theses already existing solutions into more inclusive solutions. Inclusive by being affordable, usable with any level of skill, with physical limitations, limited space or with more important needs for speed, autonomy and cargo capacity.

To be a success, the community has to embrace the proposed solution. This is why inersci try to include organisations advocating for green mobility and community organisation to validate at every step the work done.  

Daniel Pilon 

As the founder of InerSci, I am looking forward to create meaningful partnership with people and companies sharing the same goal. I see improving the safety on two wheels as a question of social justice. Instead of complaining on the fact vehicle running on fuel externalise the cost on the climate, electric cars externalise the cost on rare natural ressource and public transit externalise the cost on public subsidies, I thrive to propose solution internalising the cost and empowering peoples with inclusive and safe solutions.

I adopt an applied approach, with an open mind. This enabled me to solve problems far beyond my training level as a technician in technology and applied physics. I am always looking to learn from and collaborate with peoples with a similar objectives and mindset. If you think you are one of them, please join our community.  


Join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one ride at a time.

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