You want it to be as a regular bicycle you can keep riding intuitively?

The system extend the range of speed where two wheeler are stable while behaving as regular two wheeler in it's stable speed range. This mean, you can let the handlebar go and it will go in a straight line if you sit straight, it will turn to the right if you lean to the right and to the left if you lean to the left.

An enhanced stability in an extended range of speed (stopped and low speed), in skidding and collision situation is also provided by the system. 

Steering and counter-steering 

Typical two wheeler (motorcycle, bicycle and scooter) are driven as torque controlled steering device steering in the direction opposite to the applied torque. It is achieved intuitively by every riders and most peoples do not realise they start turning by pushing the handlebar in the direction opposite to the desired trajectory. 

In order to integrate intuitively with most vehicle and riders, inerScience's technology is also assisting the rider by operating as a torque controlled trajectory controller and is also compensating for the reduction in stability in los speed, skidding or collision situation. The complexity of such a system reading the lateral forces externally applied on the vehicle, the drivers command, the roll rate and the speed of the vehicle and controlling the assistance is happening without the operator noticing it 100 times per second.

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