Technology showcase promoting inclusive and extended use of electric bicycle and cargo bicycle

The project    

InerScience Inc has recently launched Project Convergence, an initiative aimed at promoting the widespread adoption of electric bicycles as a sustainable and zero-emission mode of transportation.

Electric bicycles are being showcased as part of a technology exhibition and are the subject of a research project that aims to assess the potential impact of safety enhancements on their adoption rates. Some models come equipped with a cutting-edge technology designed to improve stability. The incorporation of advanced safety features has been recognized as a crucial factor in promoting their widespread use:

​-For people without experience on two wheel

​-For more confidence for the driver and their passenger

​-For improved winter riding and cargo carrying capacity 

The equipment

A fleet of 5 cargo electric bicycle (long tail) and 5 step thru electric bicycle is available. Studded tire (in winter), helmet and bicycle bag are included.

A trailer, gazebo and chairs are available to deploy the fleet inside our outside no matter the weather. 

A test track is used to measure the agility and stability of the riders with and without the augmented stability activated as part of a collaborative research project. 

Types of events offered

Multiple format are proposed to meet different community and profile of user. A special effort to reach underrepresented group (woman, immigrant and person with physical limitations) and ensure an inclusive offer. We are  with an opening to adapt to specific request. Please feel free to contact us for more details.  

Practical experience is offered at event with equipment deployed from 1.5 hours to a day and on limited space if necessary (e.g.: two parking spot). 

Theoretical informations (e.g. from studies) related to the true cost (to operate and for the society), the benefits (personal and for the society) and possible approach to extend the use the theses light electric vehicles is also offered.

You can refer to one of the type of event when booking your visit.

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The Research Survey

There is inertia in the level of carbon emission from our mobility. We need to accelerate the transition to cleaner mobility to meet our goal.  

Knowledge is power. What are the factor limiting the adoption of light zero emission mobility? How can we promote the transition efficiently in a fair,  inclusive and desirable approach?

InerSciences hypothesis is that improving SAFETY, perceived and real, will accelerate the transition to zero emission light electric vehicle, a more sustainable mobility solution. What kind of safety?

  • The safety from an improved stability, ensuring you wont fall on the ground or get rolled over
  • To safety leave your light electric vehicle parked on the street and be sure it will remain there 
  • To be sure dangerous driver will be imputable because your vehicle has a camera to record what happen
  • The safety of seing, to be see and to efficiently indicate your intent with proper signal light and light
  • To safely learn how to ride with a technology adjusting the assistance helping you to do it 
  • To know you have enough energy to reach you destination 
  • To protect you and your things from the elements with a vehicle body or case
  • The financial security to have an affordable mobility to buy, operate and repair 
  • To safely transition to zero emission vehicle, as a society, while remaining inclusive 

Take the survey and let us know how safety impact your Mob​​ility

The Research Experiment

The experience of riding a bicycle has a lot to do with the human machine interface. By measuring real life data from multiple kind of users and having the ability to adjust the system response, it is possible to tailor the system's response to each type of riding (sport, casual, beginner, learner). 

InerScience propose you to attend event where you can test for free modified E-bikes in collaborative research project. By recoding your speed, steering force and stability the feeling of safety can be compared with the  measured stability for different assistance level. This sill ensure the best possible experience and a more inclusive/personalised offer for everyone in the futur.

A test track measuring the agility and the stability is also used to enable reproductible test conditions. It contain a 3 meter wide by 9 meter long path with sensors measuring how well you balance at low speed and how fast you can react to an unpredictable obstacle (without real danger).  

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