More Stability mean More Safety, More Inclusive and More Capability

 at low speed

The flywheel make it fly even at standstill and without a foot on the ground

An innovative combination of multiple known technology enable a dramatic augmentation of the stability while maintaining the intuitive and natural handling of a two wheeler travelling in it's stable speed range.

How it work?

The driver steer the gyroscope with the assistance of a power steering counteracting the imbalance detected. 

The controller 

The controller is within the power steering enclosure and measure one hundred time per second the driver's inputs and the vehicle state to assist the stability. Optional cellular modules, camera and GPS enable theft protection, fleet monitoring and emergency call, further improving the safety of users and their vehicle

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The Power Steering

The assistance of a smart power steering enable quick and strong lateral force to be applied by the driver and the control system at once. This reduce the effort from the driver and enable an active compensation of the external lateral force detected.

How To Use

How To Integrate

The Gyroscope

A flywheel spinning at high speed within the front wheel enable the application of lateral forces, independently of the traction on the ground and the velocity of the vehicle. Advanced material and manufacturing process enable the maximum gyroscopic effect with a rotating mass as light as possible.

The Physic

The Gyroscope

Compatible with...

Instead of asking everyone to reinvent the wheel (or flywheel), the system was designed to be easy to adapt to most two wheeler, often in less than 20 minutes. 

This enable a quick integration with most e-bikes since they already have a battery, wheel mounting points and standard steering tube dimensions. 

The system use the stem to measure the driver's steering command. This method is compatible with most e-bikes. The power steering is attached to the e-bike headtube without interfering with the normal rider's space.

This enable a quick adoption by user and manufacturer to facilitate the transition of people looking for improved safety and extended potential and more fun on two wheel.

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Inerscience's Technology

Offer Augmented Stability 

High Performance

Enable the balancing with strong lateral forces compared with competing technology (steering angle, center of mass displacement, air jet).


Let the driver steer like a regular two wheeler (steering and counter-steering) but in an extended range of situations (low speed, skidding, collision). 

Fail Safe

In the unlikely event of power failure or system malfunction, the driver retain his ability to steer and use the passive augmentation of the stability from the gyroscope's inertia.

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Technology adoption

Is easy and accessible

Easy to install

The system can be installed on already existing bicycle and motorcycle as an option or an upgrade. The version for E-bikes can be installed in 20 minutes and without complexe training.


The cost is largely compensated by the reduction of the cost associated with accidents and the extended uses made possible.

Lead to more improvements

Self-balancing two wheeler open the door to affordable cabin motorcycle capable of improved comfort, faster travel and better autonomy. Development of 5000$ cabin motorcycle is on the way. 

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